Our latest blog looks at CyclePharma and Inceptua Group’s Free Goods Programme which will support AKU patients in 16 countries around the world to access nitisinone.

Nitisinone is a vital treatment for AKU, but it is not yet approved or commercially available in many countries, which limits access for AKU patients around the world.

A Free Goods Programme is a compliant way for medicines that are not approved in their country of intended use to be made available for patients who either have no alternative treatment option or have exhausted all other treatment options available in their country of residence.

 Cycle has an existing Free Goods Programme for patients with Tyrosinemia type 1 in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sudan. Inceptua will support Cycle to expand their programme to include additional countries where nitisinone is not commercially available, or where the local healthcare system is unable to afford this medication. Crucially, this programme will now be open to eligible AKU patients who have exhausted, or don’t have any alternative, treatment options in their country. Additional countries in the programme now include Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tunisia and Turkey.

Cycle is committed to supporting patients on the Free Goods Programme for the duration of their lifetime.

The AKU Society encourages AKU patients and their doctors in the newly included countries to learn more and apply to the free goods programme. Together, we can help spread the word so all eligible AKU patients can benefit. More information can be found here or contact medinfo@cyclepharma.com with any questions.