Our ultimate goal is to cure AKU. We are committed to funding and collaborating on research into increasing our understanding of AKU and working on potential treatments and cures for the condition.

Our current projects include treating nitisinone-induced hypertyrosinaemia, gene therapy, mRNA therapy, and our global AKU registry.


The DevelopAKUre programme was a series of major international clinical trials, run by a consortium...

AKU Registry

Our global patient registry collects data on the progression and prevalence of AKU across the world...

Funding Opportunities

We are constantly looking to fund research into developing new treatments and potential cures for AKU.


We are currently conducting research into treating nitisinone-induced hypertyrosinaemia ...

Other Research

Find out more about our other research here

Research & Funding Policies

As a patient-group charity, we are committed to ensuring the medical research we fund is always conducted to meet...