Funding opportunities

We are constantly looking to fund research into developing new treatments and potential cures for AKU. The majority of our research is conducted in partnership with the University of Liverpool as well as a number of international partners. 

Below is a list of funding opportunities available for research into AKU:


PhDs researching AKU at the University of Liverpool

There are currently no open roles.  

Other roles researching AKU

There are currently no open roles

AKU Research Bursary

We have launched a bursary scheme designed to support early-stage researchers who are committed to advancing our understanding of AKU. The scheme is open to applicants who are no more than five years post PhD, or are in the process of completing one, with a focus on AKU or a related field.

Successful applicants will be awarded up to £3,000 in funding to visit a laboratory or institution studying AKU. This funding can be used to cover the cost of travel, accommodation, and lab costs.

More information on the bursary can be found here. If you have any questions, or require help connecting with a laboratory or institution, please contact