The AKU Society is excited to announce that we are now accredited members of the Information Standard.

The Information Standard is an initiative supported by NHS England that is designed to improve the quality of health and care information that is available to the public.
It was set up to ensure that all information that falls within its scope is clear, accurate, evidence based, up- to-date and easy to read for its target audience. All members of the Information Standard have had to undergo a rigorous assessment of all its publicly available heath and care information to ensure that it meets the strict principles of the Information Standard.

Over the past year, the AKU Society has been undergoing its assessment with the Information Standard and is proud to now call itself a member.
Our website has now been fully passed and will soon feature the iconic Information Standard tick. The logo is a quick an easy way for members of the public to ensure that information they are accessing is fully researched and can be trusted.

We have also sought feedback on our website from our patients. Not only is this a requirement of the Information Standard, but it allows us to test opinion of the information available. This has been an incredibly useful tool to gauge how the most frequent users view the website.

Along with user reviews, we have sought peer reviews from some of the world’s leading experts in AKU. Due to this, the information given through our website features the most up to date and factually accurate information on AKU currently available.

We are also using this process to redesign our leaflets. If you would like to assist in this process by reviewing our new leaflets, or you would like to know more about the Information Standard and our policy on information as a whole, please contact