We are excited to announce that our Stand up to AKU Comedy Night is back! This year we are heading back to Liverpool’s legendary Hot Water Comedy Club, where we hosted 2017’s barnstorming night. Pam Ford is back at the wheel and is sure to keep the audience in line with a firm hand… especially the young men in the audience.

This year’s comedy night is on Sunday 9th June and is our fourth. We are sure that it’ll be as big a success as our last three.  This year we have four fresh acts ready to make our audience laugh, whilst raising money for a worthy cure.

Our first act is Sully O’Sullivan, he has performed all over the world and has been declared a highlight of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival by The Scotsman and featured on Australian TV’s ‘The Comedy Channel’. Fresh from New Zealand Sully offers his opinions on matters such as religion and Brexit. However, with a potty mouth that will sure shock the audience in between gags, he will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Click here to get a look at Sully’s jokes.

Our second act, Adam Staunton, is a scouser and has as a confident and demanding stage presence. If you are local, he is sure to provide Liverpool sketches that will get you laughing off your seat. Click here to watch a snippet of Staunton’s act. 

Thirdly, Dean Coughlin has been performing stand-up comedy since October 2017 and regularly performs at the Hot Water Comedy Club. His confident storytelling and unusual subject matter make him a positive addition to any line up. Dean is also from Liverpool, a friendly face with jokes to make you laugh out loud. Follow this link to see what Dean Coughlin is all about. 

Our last act is Chris Purchase, fresh from being at the top of GQ’s Best 100 Jokes in the World 2018. Chris is currently taking the comedy scene by storm with his mix of lighthearted anecdotes and cultural satire. Chris is sure to impress, so be prepared for a great set. Follow this link for a sneak peek into his hilarious set! 

Exciting times! They’ll also be our trademark AKU society raffle. Prizes are being prepared and so keep an eye out for updates. Make sure to bring spare change on the night to buy raffle tickets.

Tickets for the night cost £10 click here to buy tickets now. 

All the funds go towards the AKU Society and help raise vital funds for medical research, patient support and community building.

Please contact our Fundraising Officer, Juliet, at juliet@akusociety.org if you have any questions about the night or want to help in any way you can.

We can’t wait to see you all there!