We’re really excited about our third Stand Up for AKU Comedy Night on 3rd October. This year, we return to the Portland Arms, Cambridge, for a night of top-class entertainment. The event starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £11 or £15 on the door. There will also be a raffle with a number of exciting prizes donated by local businesses. Don’t miss out – get your tickets here.

We are very lucky to have secured the talents of five professional comedians. All of them have volunteered their time to help raise money for AKU. Here, we’re going to tell you about each of them.

Pam Ford is our MC and host. Beginning her comedy career while a full-time pub landlady and mum, Pam soon outgrew her little pub stage to perform on the comedy circuit all over the UK. Her CV includes competing on TV shows like Stand Up Britain and winning ITV’s Take the Mike in 2002. Six feet tall, twice divorced and Australian, Pam is lively and outrageous, delivering material which could make a sailor blush. This is her third gig with the AKU Society. It’s great to have her back again.

Rob Coleman writes beautifully crafted gags which range from the dark to the ridiculous. He also possesses one of the finest heads of hair on the circuit. Combined, these make Rob an extremely striking comic. Rob is known for his huge variety of one liners, together with the occasional longer story and some audience interaction. He has worked with (among others) Mirth Control, The Stand, Riley, Cosmic Comedy, Alan Seaman and Buzz Comedy, along with many small independent comedians. Rob performed for us in 2016, so we know that he’s good.

Cambridge comedian Jason Stampe is big, sexy, funny and modest. His act contains an outstanding blend of jokes and crowd interaction that will leave you feeling he must have planned the whole thing out. Anything can – and will – happen, and Jason will be there to make it funny. Few comedians can switch so effortlessly between riffing and their set. Although Jason is new to the AKU Society, he is well known at the Portland Arms. We look forward very much to seeing him in action.

Jenny B Side is a gender-bending musical comedian. Sure to leave you lost for words at the urinal, she will bring as much fun as it is possible to pack into a child’s glittery Primark princess purse to any show. She has been excelling in comedy competitions since 2015, this year reaching the finals of the Cabaret Awards and the semi-finals of the Musical Comedy Awards. Jenny B Side always has a guitar on her, so be prepared for some music.

Don Biswas is, on the surface, a straight-forward and old-fashioned gag merchant. However, he does talk about his experiences with dyspraxia and mild Asperger’s syndrome – both learning difficulties that affect co-ordination and social skills. He also likes to talk about politics. Don’s politics is interwoven with conspiracy theories for that extra punch. All of this is done in a tongue and cheek way, with plenty of gags. Don can be seen on the BBC performing at the BBC Asian Network Comedy Night. He is also a frequent guest on BBC Asian Network Radio.