This week we meet Eve Whitley, our new Admin Assistant. Eve started just this week, and will be helping Lesley and the rest of the team to support all of our patients. This is your chance to get to know her a bit better.

What were you doing before you joined the AKU Society?

I was studying Psychology at the University of Sussex. I finished my degree last summer and moved back to Cambridge in September to do 3 months work-experience at ‘Belbin Associates’. I then went on to work at Addenbrookes Hospital as a health-care assistant in January, where I supported and assisted a variety of different patients. I also interned at the ‘Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’ for 3 months over the summer of 2014. During this time I was involved in conducting detailed analysis of the grant application process, and subsequently went on to design and implement an advertising strategy.

Tell me more about working at Addenbrookes.

I worked as a health-care assistant on the staff bank at Addenbrookes. The work was varied, as the nature of working on the bank meant I would regularly work on different wards, and therefore assist a variety of different patients with various different needs. This included patients with brain injury, stroke patients, patients who had experienced major trauma, and cancer patients. I also worked with patients who required extra assistance due to various issues including learning disabilities, mental health problems, and dementia. Supporting patients and their families through these difficult and stressful times really opened my eyes to the major struggles some people go through. While this was challenging at times, I also found it very rewarding.

How did you find out about the AKU Society?

I was interested in work in the charity sector, so had a look at some of the jobs available on a charity job website and came across ‘The AKU Society’.

Why did you choose the AKU Society?

I have had some experience of the charitable sector from my internship at the ‘Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’ and wanted to gain more experience in this sector. One of the aspects which really appealed to me about ‘the AKU Society’ was it involves a lot of patient support, and this was something I had enjoyed at Addenbrookes. I was also really interested in the focus on clinical research and finding a cure for this disease.

What do you want to achieve most at the AKU Society?

I want to contribute to a charitable organisation which is passionate about supporting vulnerable people. I hope to bring strong organisational skills and passion to help support AKU patients in clinical trials, and with any other problems they may have. I also hope to generate new fundraising ideas and get involved in fundraising and events.

What are your hobbies outside work?

I enjoy going to music gigs and festivals, going on walks in the country, going on bike rides and travelling. I am also part of a rowing club in Cambridge and go out regularly in a boat of 8. I have also started kayaking and recently won a kayak at a white water kayaking festival, so am keen to pursue that hobby! I am always keen to try new things and am currently learning to rollers-skate – although I am still struggling with the stopping aspect!

Favourite book/film/TV show and why? 

One of my favourite books is ‘Stuart – A Life Backwards’. It’s a biography about a homeless man and I love the way it is written and the fact that he grew up in Cambridge, so it talks a lot about places I know well.

My favourite film is probably ‘American Beauty’. It’s quite a depressing film but I love the story and the way it’s filmed. In terms of TV shows, I am a big fan of ‘Peep Show’, as I love David Mitchell and his awkward, sarcastic comedy.