We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported and donated to our BBC Radio 4 appeal.

Our appeal aired on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 2nd May and was promoted all week until the end of the appeal on Saturday 8th May. You can listen to the appeal by following this link to the BBC Sounds website or app.

Remember, Donating through the BBC appeal now will mean your money will go to another charity. Remember, if you wish to donate, please do so through the donate button or by following this link.

AKU advocate and parent to a child with AKU, Jess Barnes, told her son Daniels’ devastating AKU diagnosis. Jess explained our upcoming children’s study and the urgency of knowing when AKU starts in children so that we can give them ground-breaking treatment.

Will update everyone on how much we raised as soon as we are able.