Support often comes from unlikely places, but it is safe to say we never expected to receive a donation from a dog training club in North Wales.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Pedwar Pawen Dog Training Club for donating £200 to the AKU Society, raised via their Charity Dog Show on Saturday 08th April.
Netta Rowlands a member of the club, saw the AKU Society on the BBC 2 programme Incredible Medicine. She was so inspired by our appearance that she wanted to raise some money.Her enthusiasm for our work was infectious. Sharon from Pedwar Pawen Dog Training Club said:“The AKU society was nominated by Netta who I know is a huge supporter and for the rest of us it introduced us to a condition very few of us were aware of.”

After speaking to our Admin & Events Officer Robin, Netta agreed to make us the benefactor of one of the dog shows the club regularly holds. With money raised from classes & a tombola, the event was a great success with the proceeds going to a number of charities including our self.
We are very grateful to the Pedwar Pawen Training Club for their generous support, and to Netta for reaching out to us.

From running a marathon to running a dog show, there is no shortage of ways to support the AKU Society! If you would like to get involved in one of our community fundraising events, or would even like to run your own event like the Pedwar Club above, then please get in touch with our Admin & Events Officer Robin at