Black Spots in the Eyes

AKU patients start to develop black spots in the whites of their eyes as they get older. This is caused by HGA accumulating in the eye over time until it begins to become visible.

Although this looks serious, these black spots will not affect vision, cause any eye pain or any other complications. As the patient gets older these spots will start to get bigger.

The black spots begin to appear at different ages, but they will eventually appear in almost all AKU patients. Generally, the black spots will appear when a patient is in their 40’s1.

Published: 25.01.20 Next review: 25.01.23

Black Eye Spots Survey

As black spots in the eyes are one of the only visible symptoms of AKU, we want to hear from people based in the UK who think they have black spots on the whites of their eyes and don’t have a diagnosis of AKU or can’t remember if they were diagnosed when they were younger.

To do this please complete the form below. Your answers and images will be sent by us, the AKU Society, to the team at the National Alkaptonuria Centre (NAC) to see if you need a further test for AKU.

Please note: Only those based in the UK may complete this form.

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