In April 2016, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) implemented revalidation, the process that all nurses and midwives in the UK need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC. Taking this on board, alongside comments from nurses we work with and met at conferences, we realised it was time to start developing a module that fit their needs. We wanted a module that introduced nurses to AKU and explained how to recognise it as well as raising awareness of the condition.

nurse takes blood aku

In 2018 we partnered with RCNi to develop an AKU module specifically for nurses. This module introduces nurses to the condition and explains how to recognise it. An increase in awareness should lead to an earlier diagnosis, giving patients access to timely disease-modifying therapy. The RCNi module will provide an overview of AKU and offer insights into the presentation of people with AKU, the effects it has on those diagnosed and the physical and psychological issues that nurses and the multidisciplinary should address in managing the care and treatment of those with the condition. The RCN have accredited the module and nurses will receive CPD points for completing it.

You can access the module here