runners for aku at 2020 cambridge half marathon

Running for the AKU Society is a popular way to raise funds to help patients with AKU.

Here at the AKU Society, we can help you make your fundraising easy on the run-up to your race. We have 6 simple rules for fundraising on the build-up to your race:

  • Pick the race you want to run!

    There are loads of races that you can choose from. Including 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, marathons and ultra-marathons. Pick what you feel you can succeed in and perhaps beat a lifelong goal of yours.

  • Make sure to pick a realistic fundraising target.

    Family and friends will be keen to help you reach your target. Keep it in line for what you are fundraising for or what race you are doing. For example, fundraisers for the London Marathon tend to have a fundraising target of £1000. If you are stuck on what to put as your target, then have a look at what other people have put as their target for a race.

  • Tell your friends and family what you are doing.

    They are going to be the first people who will find out what you are doing.  You will raise the majority of your funds from people you already know. Use all of your social media to let everyone know what you are doing and why you are doing it! People love personal stories, so don’t be afraid to let people know why you want to raise funds for us. You can also link JustGiving throughout your social media channels so people can always go to the site and donate to the AKU Society for your race.

  • Personalise your JustGiving page.

    A boring page can make people click off and not read all the fantastic reasons why you are running for the AKU Society. Make sure to include a photo of yourself with a short paragraph about why you are taking on the challenge. Don’t forget to use Facebook Donation too, the more ways people can donate the better you will succeed with your fundraising target.

  • Order AKU Fundraising Pack and Other Fundraising Goodies.

    Use our website to order a free fundraising pack with more detailed tips on how to succeed whilst fundraising for AKU. You can also download the pack here. Contact our Fundraising Officer, Michael, mi*****@ak********.org, to get other fundraising supplies posted to you to help your journey become a success!

  • Keep your followers updated!

    This is very important to success if you don’t tell your followers what you are doing during the build-up to the race they will lose interest and perhaps not support you in the future. Let your supporters know how far you ran on certain days and how you are feeling about the race coming up. If you are regularly sharing on your social media these updates, then it gives your supporters more opportunities to donate.


Anna and Katja’s journey

in 2018 Anna and Katja raised an amazing £651.82 for the AKU Society running the Cambridge Half Marathon. They were fantastic supports and great fundraisers, using JustGiving regularly to update their sponsors and they featured in our Meet the Runners blog.

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